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Our Commitment to Excellence

Tutor Teach was started with our students, and their families, in mind! You can’t teach passion and dedication. Our instructors are vetted to have qualities that far exceed a typical tutor. Our instructors are subject-matter experts. We get to know our students for exactly who they are, what their goals are, and we customize their lessons so they truly look forward to their time with us.

Tutor Teach has exceptional retention, in that our students CHOOSE to stay with their instructors. Our students become instantly engaged, yearning for more from their hand-picked instructors.

B.A., P.R., President / CEO

A Note From the CEO

I spent much of my life tutoring and mentoring children in French. When I became a mother of two young boys, I began putting together plans on how I wanted them to learn French from birth onwards. This ignited a spark in me to offer it to other families who were seeking extra support within their children’s education.

I was brought up in Edmonton, Alberta learning both English and French in tandem, since birth. I attended french schooling my entire life. I took what I learned in grade school, and put it towards achieving my Bachelor of Arts degree from the Campus St.Jean/University of Alberta. Following, I earned my professional diploma in Public Relations. Any program that involved extensive writing, I signed up for it. Language Arts has always been a deep rooted passion of mine.

I am so humbled by the amazing community of teachers, instructors, parents, and students that have entrusted me with their educational experiences! I continue to learn from our community, to keep optimizing what we offer. I look forward to continuing to grow our amazing Tutor Teach community.

 Lara C., B.A., P.R.
P.M.P., C.E.T., Executive VP/COO

Meet Greg. Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Greg is a jack of all trades. Originally certified as a Civil Engineering Technologist, Greg decided to pivot his career goals and pursue life as an entrepreneur in 2015. This has allowed Greg to ignite his creativity in new and exciting ways. From building websites, creating and producing digital media, to learning the ins and outs of graphic design, Greg has poured himself into the design, layout, and all technical aspects of Tutor Teach. A dedicated dad of two (alongside Lara), Greg’s project management background, his strategic approach to business, and his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship has lent itself immensely to building Tutor Teach.

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