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Soft Hyperbaric Chamber Feature Comparison 


Offer safe and effective oxygen at different pressure options: 
1.3 ATA, 1.4 ATA AND 1.5 ATA

Unique dual-membrane design:
Bladder – 44 Oz. medical grade

thermoplastic polyurethane & 

Pressure cover – 70% nylon 30% dacron

Triple heat welded viewing windows

1, 2 & 3 Year Warranty Options

Safest system design: prevents carbon dioxide buildup and filters pollutants

Available in 220,50Hz / 110V,60Hz

Seams are triple heat welded and no toxic glues are ever used.

Unique three zipper system provides ultimate leak-proof seal and dramatically reduces stress for exteded
zipper life (10+ years).

Includes an emergency valve on the chamber to speed the depressurization in emergency. 

Can be operated continuously.

Designed so can be setup and
operated by one person; Internal/external pressure gauges to observe the pressure while inside & outside the chamber.  

Includes video setup training, Quick Tips guides for usage and superior customer support for any questions during acquaintance with unit in addition to ongoing support.


 System design includes internal metal frame, allowing for ease of entry and exit, and the chamber is able to maintain shape when not in use.  


Each chamber system comes with everything you need with many extras: chamber body, oil free air compressor, 10L oxygen concentrator, air cooling unit

memory foam mattress, metal frame, muffler, anit-roll bolsters, carrying case, O2 headset/cannulas, and more!

Includes Negative ION UNIT to enhance treatment. This incredible new option allows customers to receive pure oxygen along with negative ions, promote the body’s self-renewal process; enhance the vitality of immune cells.